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Talks available

by Barry Auchettl M.Ed. B.Bus. Grad.Dip.R.E.

I would like to provide you with some information about two unique talks I am giving which I am sure will support and interest participants.

They relate to a board game called Conversations and an eye health program called Renewed Vision especially for people using computers.

1. Conversations: an inspirational game

‘There is always time to add a word, never to withdraw one.’ ‘Conversations: an inspirational game’ is an interactive and cooperative board game that I literally dreamt up. The game has been in production for 3 years now and popularity is growing. This board game has proven to be a great tool for enhancing relationships through genuine dialogue. When playing this game people can experience, often for the first time, a major breakthrough in meaningful communication.

What began as a dream and was launched from my home in September 2004 has reached twelve countries and has been life changing for many. This is an inspirational and cooperative game that helps people come together regardless of backgrounds, lifestyles, experiences or beliefs. It allows people the opportunity to share individual insights and to listen openly to others. One of the defining aspects of the game actually teaches people to listen without speaking and interrupting others by the effective use of “I” statements.

The game is currently being used to maintain and improve family bonds. In addition to this, it is now being utilised in the workplace in organisations, schools and universities.

This extraordinary game ‘Conversations’ is often described as a workshop in a box. As a participant of the game, people get to experience the extra-ordinary within themselves. They get to have a real conversation with every person playing; a conversation that continues long after the actual game has concluded.

“When we played the game “Conversations” I was amazed how it opened up conversations between people who didn’t know each other before playing. Days and weeks late people were still talking about the event and continued to talk to each other. At the time I had not long left an large organisation that was split on functional lines eg. Managers, Supervisors, Clerks, Sales staff, Engineers,Technicians and field workers. Few of these people in these groups had any time for people in other groups nor did they ever get to know each other and establish lasting friendship. The Conversations game creates an ideal situation for different groups of people in large organisations to break down the barriers that seem to quickly develop. When this happens productivity increases and other improvements to the work environment occur. Concequently I would recommend this game to any organisation that want’s it staff to really work together and achieve a high level of performance.”

John Thomas (Manager’ Ballarat Business Centre)

2. Renewed Vision

Will computer eyestrain syndrome be the Asbestos of the 21st century?

The Renewed Vision program offers significant benefits for you and your eyes. If you are a regular user of computers, chances are you have already experienced some of the issues outlined personally and so we ask that you view this information from both a workplace and personal perspective.

Health concerns caused by the increased use of computers are starting to receive a great deal of attention from government departments, workplace groups and health workers. A study by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health in the USA found that over ninety per cent of those surveyed reported eyestrain and other visual problems associated with the computer usage. These problems can range from headaches to severe eyesight problems requiring ongoing medical treatment. Non obvious symptoms included increased tiredness, lower concentration levels and a decreased retention rate.

It is imperative that we implement an educational approach to this issue encompassing the workplace, schools and home. Renewed Vision is essential to any organisation given the amount of time that is now spent in front of a computer. It demonstrates not only how to prevent eye problems, but also ways to improve and enhance vision.

“This program showed me how I have control over my vision. By applying a few simple strategies this could profoundly be improved, but that also I must commit to maintaining that, and not take my vision for granted.” 

June (Business Adviser, Melbourne)

About Barry Auchettl M.Ed. B.Bus

My passion is allowing people to shine from within. I am the Executive Manager and creator of ‘Conversations: an inspirational game’ and founder of Eye Power.

I am one of Australia’s most successful and qualified vision educators and founded Eye Power in 1997 after personally overcoming the need for corrective lenses. I have a Masters of Education focusing on overcoming the detrimental effects computers can have on eyesight. With over twenty five years experience teaching computer courses/studies in secondary and tertiary institutions, I created the Renewed Vision program to support eye health maintenance of computer users.

Having survived a life threatening brain tumour, I dreamt up a board game in which everyone wins. I have just returned from my third tour using the game in the USA and Canada, as well as having completed four tours to New Zealand in the past eighteen months. At present, I am involved in having the game translated into French, Japanese, German and Spanish, and plans have already started for an on-line version of the game.

I am also the author of ‘Eye Power’, ‘In One Vision’ and ‘The Scan Charts’, and currently support over 70 Conversations facilitators worldwide.

“I bring in a number of authors from around the world to speak at Unity’s service followed with workshop or seminar. I work with Learning Annex here and I am there Calgary representative as well a new larger company that is in Canada called the Power Within. They are the people that brought Pres. Bill Clinton to Canada to speak last fall. We have an author speaking at least once a month. Barry is one of the best speakers we have enjoyed at our service. His average guy attitude put everyone at ease and he helped us go through a little exercise in our service that had everyone talking about how much they enjoyed it. As people talked from there hearts and we got to connect with each other on a deeper level. As you can see, by the companies I work with that I have experienced many varieties of speakers over the years. I have not had the desire to take many workshops or seminars because I am used to the high level speakers. Barry’s workshop was a blessing and helped me see the answers in my own life. As well as the connection with the other people was amazing how deep our conversation went.” Sheryl Guillaume (author consultant, Calgary)


My presentations range from brief half hour talks to full day seminars with all being interactive. I look forward to having the opportunity to share my experiences, my vision and to play this inspirational game with you.

In One Vision.
Barry Auchettl
Phone: +61 7 56411000