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Renewed Vision

An eyesight enhancement program for computer users in the workplace.

What is Renewed Vision?

Renewed Vision offers the workplace a unique investment in the maintenance of computer users’ eye health and well-being in a two hour seminar. Increased dependence on computer-based work has lead to eyestrain and other stress related illness, creating lower concentration levels, absenteeism and potential insurance claims.

Renewed Vision incorporates Occupational Health and Safety principles. It is unique because it operates on an educational model rather than a medical model. Improved vision and well being is promoted through simple eye exercises and self-awareness. This impacts directly on productivity levels, quality control and profit.

What are current workplace issues?

  • Increased growth in occupational, health and safety insurance claims
  • Eyestrain, headaches and other eye related problems using computers
  • Declining concentration levels and decreased productivity
  • Sore eyes due to staring at the monitor and electro magnetic fields
  • Physical discomfort including back pain, stiff neck, sore arms and wrists
  • Increased stress levels leading to increased absenteeism

What are the benefits of the Renewed Vision?

  • Reduced potential insurance claims caused by computers
  • Reduced absenteeism caused by headaches using simple and effective eye techniques
  • Increased productivity due to decreased computer eyestrain
  • Clarify occupational, health and safety matters relating to eye health
  • Improved alertness and ability to focus by reducing periodic work slumps
  • Personal advantages to all staff through decreased eye health problems
  • Decreased dependency on glasses achieved through an educational model

Resistance to change

Too often we fail to see what is really important. These are some reasons why we choose not to look at essential issues such as our vision.

  • I don’t have time to …
  • I’m too busy to …
  • It’s not that important …
  • I can’t afford to …
  • No one told me I had to …
  • I’m under too much pressure …
  • It’s not a priority…

How can I obtain Renewed Vision for my workplace?

Renewed Vision Seminar ( 1- 2 hours)

Renewed Vision is one of a series of programs offered by Eye Power, which was established in 1997. It
can be arranged for anyone using computers or dealing with fine detail work. Renewed Vision includes

  • Overcoming myths about vision
  • Techniques to maintain eyesight whilst working at the computer
  • Simple ergonomics tips that work
  • Stopping the brain from falling to sleep
  • Whole brain integration
Individual Renewed Vision session

Obtain one-on-one advice and support on how to make positive changes in your workplace for yourself or your staff POA.


“Barry’s course was one of the best prepared and presented courses I have attended… I whole heartedly recommend his course to anyone who wishes to expand their vision and lives.” Kieran (Computer teacher, Ballarat, Vic)

“This program showed me how I have control over my vision. By applying a few simple strategies this could profoundly be improved, but that also I must commit to maintaining that, and not take my vision for granted.” June (Business Adviser, Melbourne, Vic)

The Facilitator

Barry Auchettl is a vision educator and international speaker with over twenty years experience in computers and vison. He is the author of “The Scan Charts” and “Conversations”. After personally overcoming his need for glasses, he founded Eye Power to change the way people see.

The Renewed Vision Program was developed to help reduce the potential threat caused by Computer Eyestrain Syndrome that relates to any eye health problems caused by the use of computers. He is currently completing a Masters in Education researching the effect on computers and vision.

Barry Auchettl can be contacted by emailing