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Welcome to the Eye Power for the workplace!

Change the way you see

  • Computer Eye Strain and related eye-health problems are beginning to take on immense proportions in the workplace. Chances are, you have already experienced this to a degree if you are a regular computer user.
  • Within these pages, you will find information on how you can decrease eyestrain at the computer and improve the quality of your eyes and your work.

Out Now!

  • The release of a small e-book that can make a big difference to your eyes
  • Eye Power: Power your eyesight. Empower your vision.
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NEW    Talks Available
Information about two unique talks including a board game called Conversations: an inspirational game and an eye health program called Renewed Vision especially for people using computers.

  The Renewed Vision Seminar
Talks and workplace seminars designed to overcome the detrimental effects computers have on eyes.

  Barry Auchettl
Barry founded Eye Power in 1997 and has completed a Masters of Education focusing on all aspects of compters and vision.

  The Renewed Vision Questionnaire
A simple questionaire to determine if computers are causing a vision problem at your workplace.

   Computer Statistics
Did you know that over 85% of people over 45 are now wearing corrective lenses. And that’s not all.

   Vision Mouse Mats
Available exclusively from Eye Power to act as a reminder when ever you use the computer. .

   Computer Eyestrain Syndrome (CES)
CES is fast becoming the dominant factor at home and at work. Here are some simple ways to reduce the effect in your workplace.

   Contact Eye Power
For further discuss any of these options avaialable