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A dynamic and team building communication tool

‘Conversations’ facilitates breakthroughs in how people communicate and relate to each other. Today, more than ever, we need to develop genuine dialogue between all team members within the workplace. ‘Conversations’ allows people to discover their own wisdom and then impart this wisdom for the benefit of everyone. In the process, everyone learns to listen, to share and to treat each with humility and dignity. The result is improved teamwork and communication for all those who play.

Importance to your workplace

  • Create a real change in the culture and ethos of your workplace
  • Encourages people to treat each other with respect instead of judgement
  • Discover the wisdom of all people involved in your workplace regardless of position
  • Learn to genuinely listen to each other without prompting or interrupting
  • Create a space where every person in the workplace has a sense of value for self and others

What others say

“I believe that your newly developed board game, ‘Conversations’ is a wonderful tool for any organisation to assist to develop a better understanding of each other, themselves, and assisting in the process of integrating new team members. We came away a much stronger Team, and many members had developed higher levels of respect for individual Team members. Thank you for introducing us to such an interesting and ‘uncommon game’. Jennifer Kelly, JK Personnel (Ballarat)

“Conversations is a profound, relevant and deeply insightful tool. I have observed and experienced it evoking powerful, intensely meaningful and influential messages to the ‘players’ connecting them to the depths of their soul. As a workshop presenter/facilitator, I find this tool has immeasurable value. ” June Hope, Mindworks (Melbourne)

You are invited to participate in this event both for your workplace and for yourself. Experience this remarkable game for yourself and discover that we are all indeed one.
In this game, everyone wins!!!

What is Conversations?

Conversations is an enjoyable life-shifting experience where real communication is the intention. Inspired by the the world bestseller ‘Conversation’ series of books by Neale Donald Walsch, this is an extraordinary communication tool that brings people together, regardless of their individual background, knowledge or position in your organisation.

During the “conversation”, there are three cycles, with each cycle being an expansion of the previous one. The first cycle depicts different aspects of life such as money, career or health. The second cycle looks at how this aspect fits into each person’s life and how that situation faces them now. Finally, the third cycle moves the conversation to a higher perspective by moving past any initial limitations.

There are no “right” or “wrong” opinions to each situation and acceptance of all opinions is part of the game. How we treat any differences (and each other) makes this a remarkable process. There is no individual “winner” and the goal is one of mutual respect. The goal is to enhance the connection between all those in the workplace who participate and have fun!

Are you ready to play?

To arrange your own Conversation, contact Barry Auchettl at

Phone: 03 90130232

“Whether at work or at home, we are all students and teachers to each other.”