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Welcome to Eye Power for Schools!

My Eyes…My Choice…My Future

Eye health and related problems are beginning to take on immense proportions in schools and in the home. Chances are, you have already experienced this to a degree if you are a regular computer user. Within these pages, you will find information on how you can decrease eyestrain at the computer and improve the quality of your self and your students.

Enjoy Barry

Renewed Vision Program offers you and your school a unique investment in the maintenance of computer users eye health and well being.

Barry Auchettl founded Eye Power in 1997 to offer unique workshops by offering business seminars and individual consultations on all aspects of vision.

Computer Eyestrain Syndrome (CES) is fast becoming the dominant factor at home and at work. Here are some simple ways to reduce the effect in your workplace.

Vision Mouse Mats can only be purchased from Eye Power to act as a reminder to follow simple procedures when ever you use the computer. .

Contact Eye Power here if you would like to further discuss any of these options avaialable

Eye Power also offers individual consultations, group workshops and other products for individuals to improve their eyesight naturally. Eye Power is more than improving your physical eyesight by providing a real alternative to people’s health. It is about changing the way you see.

Helping Young People at Risk looks at the role kinesiology and water has on helping this group of people find their way in life

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