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Step Into Your Power

An extraordinary day to find your power within presented by Barry Auchettl

  • Do you want to release your power to live a life of passion and freedom?
  • Is it time to change negative patterns of behaviour
  • to ones that empower and support you?
  • Are you looking for clarity and to create the life you truly desire?

Using a revolutionary and innovative tool “Conversations: an inspirational game” you will receive simple and effective techniques to ignite your power within

“Step Into Your Power” includes:

  • Recognising that every situation occurs for a reason
  • Taking personal responsibility for your actions
  • Clearing self sabotage
  • Prosperity thinking to attract money, relationships and career
  • Making minor frequency adjustments rather than overall change
  • Trusting and acting on intuition

The day will be facilitated by Australian Barry Auchettl, the creator of ‘Conversations: an inspirational game’. Barry is also a renowned facilitator, speaker and author. Visit

“The intent of the day is for you to discover your passion and then live it. It embraces the Universal principle that when you make up your mind about something, you set the Universe into motion. This is a day to develop real strategies for your life using this unique ‘workshop in a box’”. Barry

This life changing day including a copy of ‘Conversations: an inspiration game’ in order to continue the process in the days and years to come.

Availability of Workshops

Locations, cost and availability of places are available on request. Contact Barry Auchettl at or on +61 3 90130132

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