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Sabotage Clearing & Goal Setting

facilitated by Barry Auchettl

An Australian Kinesiology Association accredited workshop of 16 hours
Presenters: barry & Jane Auchettl

This workshop shows you how to locate and then clear the sabotage programs from the subconscious mind to enhance your goals and desires to bring through positivity in all areas of your life including: FINANCES, HEALTH, RELATIONSHIPS

The emotional baggage that we carry around with us are all part of our Sabotage Programs. These programs inevitably can run contrary to our conscious desires and goals and unknown to us, more or less govern our life. While hidden from our conscious they often act powerfully on us, despite actively working to the contrary. If you or a person you know, has a history of recurring patterns of mishaps, whether physical, emotional, nutritional or other, a deep subconscious sabotage program could be the problem. Sabotage programs can be more powerful than your or the person’s desire for health, happiness and success despite the constant efforts by you or the person, people around them and the therapist.

  • Do any of these apply to you or anyone you know?
  • ¨ Lack of money /abundance
  • ¨ Lack of success or luck
  • ¨ Relationship Difficulties: personal, family, work
  • ¨ Constant Health problems
  • ¨ Difficulty losing/gaining weight
  • ¨ Depression
  • ¨ Low Energy Levels
  • ¨ Poor Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • ¨ Learning / Behaviour Problems
  • ¨ Problem areas that just seem to keep re-occurring in your life


This workshop will teach you how to use essences and simple yet highly effective kinesiology techniques to easily clear your sabotage programming and enhance your goals to allow positive changes to enter your life and those of other people. Also you will learn how not to sabotage your sessions with clients and how to stop them sabotaging all your good work!


An example of Sabotage Programming A Natural Therapist who was most capable, but despite her best intentions, her practice was failing to thrive. Although she, the two or three clients booked in for treatment each week barely paid for clinic space. She was beginning to doubt her choice of naturopathy as a profession. Using muscle testing, sabotage clearing revealed the programs, “I am not deserving”, “I am not a winner”, “I can’t enjoy the fruits of my labours”, “I am unable to realise my potential’, “I do not fit in”. Her sabotage programs were immediately cleared using sabotage clearing techniques. Come her next clinic day, new clients began making appointments and within six weeks, a modest waiting list had accrued. If you have the courage to blow the mists from your subconscious mind, then do not hesitate to experience this landmark kinesiology workshop

Comments From Workshop Participants “… of the best workshops I have done for a long time (and I’ve done a lot of workshops). Well presented, well taught, excellent information, great fun and two caring and professional presenters. Thank You”. “…. A simple but all encompassing tool to be used as a valuable addition in my practice. It is non invasive and clears off difficult problems with a minimum of fuss and the effects are dramatic. The client not only feels mentally and emotionally better but physical difficulties disappear over night. When relevant programs are released, it can literally turn the clients life around.” “…… Now having used it in my practices I can sat Brilliant absolutely Brilliant! e.g. one patient with Bells Palsy released quite a few statements in the first sessions. The second session was very profound. By the next morning her eyes were focusing and she could read.” “…… I am very thankful and glad that I took your Sabotage Clearing Workshop…. I would have to say that 75% of my sessions are totally Sabotage clearing …. Sabotage clearing is a major asset in my work.” “…… Before this workshop my clients “trickled” in for kinesiolgy or for my naturopathic skills. The next day after the completion of the workshop they began flooding in and haven’t stopped and they won’t. I now have a cancellation list. I used the skills gained with many clients, who come back for more. It has been one of the most rewarding workshops I have ever done.”

DETAILS: Two day workshop 9- 5 pm daily

PREREQUISITE: Ability to Muscle Test (a simple kinesiology technique) or attend Basic Muscle Testing session facilitated by Barry Auchettl

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