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Eye Power Workshops

“The more clearly we begin to see ourselves,
the greater clarity we present to the world.”


Group Workshops

Eye Power changes the way people see. Eye Power is designed to assist you in improving and enhancing your eyes and discovering how to assist others with their vision. It is a fun and informative way to learn many aspects of real vision. The two-day workshop covers all aspects of real vision from physical eye exercises to spiritual aspects of vision using an experiential approach to learning. It includes:

  • Effective and simple eye exercises and their meanings
  • Clearing emotional blocks and old ways of seeing including practical and positive affirmations
  • Left—right brain coordination (effortless learning) and helping others with their vision
  • Balance through acupressure points and energy healing techniques
  • Edgar Cayce and vision, including good nutrition and learning to remember and interpret your dreams
  • Colour receptivity and the power of the mind including powerful visualisations
  • Seeing beyond the physical by exploring vibration and chakras and their relationship to vision

Each of these areas follows the chakra (energy) system that allows overlap. Various forms of meditation are also used over the two days to get in touch with your inner vision. Participants leave with a booklet covering the theoretical and practical components of the course.

The emphasis of the workshop is placed on spiritual vision as well as physical eyesight. Palming is shown in three ways to maximise the benefits of energy from your own hands. Improvement in physical eyesight comes from the ability to clear “blocks” to emotional aspects that people do not want to see. Most leave the course with a greater clarity of their life as well as improved eyesight.

Unique features of Eye Power:

1. Kinesiology

The use of kinesiology has proven to be a powerful tool for clearing emotional blocks. It is the use of muscle response to identify and balance areas of stress in the body’s energy field. It is a painless and fast method of healing that combines muscle testing with healing energy being used when a correction is required. It can also be used to balance mental and emotional stresses that are blocking or sabotaging personal growth and affecting a person’s ability to function effectively in the world. Normally used in conjuction with The Scan Book which allows for muscle testing with over 10000 entries and 36 different topics covering all areas of life.

2. Edgar Cayce and Vision

Edgar Cayce was one of the most documented psychics of all time. For many years, the scope of his psychic readings expanded from medical problems to include such topics as meditation, dream interpretation, auras and reincarnation. Cayce recommended specific techniques for improving eyes. Most were related to improving the overall health and immune system of the individual. Cayce’s head and neck exercises are particularly valuable to relieve muscle tension for people engaged in desk work, typing, piano playing, and other activities that strain head, neck, eyes, shoulders and arms.

3. Meditation and affirmations

Various meditations are conducted over the two days to reflect the needs of the group. Each meditation exercise is individually tailored to the group and ranges from guided meditations to meditation with movement. Positive and self-accepting affirmations are used to create an inner shift that allows change to take place.

4. Massage and Acupressure points

The neck and shoulder muscles relate directly with vision through the occipital region of the brain. Massage is taught to improve blood flow around the neck, shoulders and eyes. It also incorporates the ability to see auras and the body’s own electrical flow to stimulate the electrical circuits to and from the eyes.

5. Awareness exercises

Uses of left-right brain exercises are nothing new. However in Eye Power, emphasis is on being in the present and in the now. Being in tune with the exercises allows greater peripheral vision as well as the ability of the eyes to converge properly. It is also fun and enables greater self-confidence and self-esteem.


“… the whole course was an evolution, a coming together of apparent independent fields, redefining the concept of vision… The individual subjects were not new to me but your approach was. You gave me all the tools to work with plus a toolbox to keep everything together… you made it clear how vision goes beyond looking, and is affected by what we eat, feel and think. In turn it affects what we do, what we are going to do, and ultimately what we are capable of doing.” John

“… Thank you for providing me with the real cure, instead of the Band-Aid solutions that are so dominant in these times. They only mask the problem, whereas you treat the whole person in a very relaxed, friendly and informal setting; making learning very enjoyable. Thank you for caring.” Lynette

“I don’t need dependence on glasses or to have them around my neck at all times… I loved the Holistic views and possibilities for eye power and health. Also the fun we had in each segment of the course.” Shirley

“Through Barry’s work my soul was touched and I was able to release emotions held for such a long time. I can now focus on what I am doing and where I am going. I am wearing my glasses less and find that colours are much brighter and sharper. I highly recommend Eye Power to those who want better vision and are willing to take the steps to achieve this.” Sherry

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