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Coming Events

Eye Power Workshops

Eye Power is designed to assist you in improving and enhancing your eyes and discovering how to assist others with their vision. more info.

Date Location Contact Phone E-mail
2014 Gold Coast
Barry Auchettl +61 7 56411000

In One Vision (2 hours)

  • In One Vision covers aspects of both physical and inner vision.
  • It enhances self-awareness and the discovery of unseen potential within.
  • In the process, your physical vision becomes clearer.
Date Location Contact Phone E-mail
TBA Barry Auchettl +61 7 56411000

   Step Into Your Power

  • Step Into Your Power is designed help discover and unleesh your own passion and unseen potential. Using a revolutionary and innovative “workshop in a box” called Conversations: an inspirational game you will receive simple and effective techniques to ignite your power within.
Date Location Contact Phone E-mail
2008 Ballarat, Vic Barry Auchettl +61 7 55611000


Sabotage Clearing and Goal Enhancement

This workshop shows you how to locate and then clear the sabotage programs from the subconscious mind to enhance your goals and desires to bring through positivity in all areas of your life more info.

Date Location Contact Phone E-mail
TBA Gold Coast Barry Auchettl +61 7 56411000


Hosting a Workshop

If any of these Eye Power events are not in your area, you can host an Eye Power workshop or Vision Experience easily. All you need is approximately ten people and a venue. Eye Power offers a commission for anyone willing to host a workshop as well as the opportunity to attend for free. Ten per cent of every workshop is also tithed. For costings and other information, contact Barry Auchettl at or on +61 7 56411000

Availability of Workshops

Locations, cost and availability of places are available on request. Contact Barry Auchettl at