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Vision Mats

The mouse mat designed to reduce Computer Eye Strain

With the rapidly increasing use of computers, there is a growing concern, and rightly so, of the short and long-term effects of computers.

Computer Eye Strain (CES) is at the top of the list. The effects can range from poor concentration and headaches to eye sight problems requiring a medical treatment. As is the case with all OH&S issues early identification and preventative measures are the best ways to combat this problem. A clear uncomplicated message is required with simple steps which become habitual in a short space of time. Here at Eye Power we have put together such a program assisting you to effectively deal with your duty of care responsibilities in this area.

One simple but very effective method is a visual reminder system using a mouse mat at each workstation. With the key points illustrated in a way to remind you to follow the simple procedure. This alone will reduce the risk of CES significantly.

The “Vision Mat” costs $A15 (incl GST). Wholesale prices can be arranged for 10 or more copies.

Orders can be made to