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The Journey

A Visionary Experience

The aim of this novel is to inform people as well as to entertain them by transforming people from their everyday lives into one of greater value. It is the story of Joshua, an ordinary person who has an extraordinary experience. The story is written as a fictional novel although based on my own experiences. It is a wonderful ‘first choice’ novel for people exploring spiritual development.

Topics covered in The Journey

  • Overcoming chronic illness through alternative methods
  • Awakening to the inner voice
  • Meditation and Visualisations
  • Vision improvement
  • Astrology and numerology
  • Reiki, Chiron and spiritual healing
  • Massage and colour receptivity
  • Edgar Cayce and dreams
  • Spiritual guides
  • Synchronicities and Universal Laws
  • Choice and awareness
  • Unconditional love and grace

The Journey is only available in manuscript form as it is awaiting a publisher to emerge. The Journey costs $A30 (plus postage). Orders can be made to Barry Auchettl by e-mailing