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The Scan Charts 2nd Edition

Fully revised and expanded
compiled by Barry Auchettl


  • A Comprehensive reference guide covering all aspects of life with now over 10000 entries on 42 different topics.
  • It is an excellent resource when “more” information is required when using any form of Kinesiology.

Book of scan charts for kinesiologists covering many aspects of life

The “Contents Scan Chart” is on the back page to allow easy accessing for muscle testing making it an excellent resource when “more” information is required when using any form of Kinesiology or using your intuition to choose a topic.

10,000 entries over 40 scan charts compiled in an easy to access A4 spiral bound manual.

Each chart is 1 page and includes topics such as:
Addictions, Self Love, Bones & Muscles, Colour, Crystals, Dream Analysis, Sexuality, Essences, Fears, Food

Includes are a wide variety of scan charts available in the book including:

Charts included are indexed under the following areas:

Abilities and Talents

Dream Analysis

Human Development Rituals
Addictions Educational Humour Self Love
Affirmations Electrical I Am Sexuality
Angelic Emotional Faces Locations Spirituality
Animals Essences Metaphysical Sport and Fitness
Aromatherapy Fears Holding You Back Modalities State of Being
Astrological Feng Shui Music Universal Laws
Bones and Muscles Food Poisons and Hazards Vision Support
Business Golfing Prosperity What Area To Look At
Colour History & Past Lives Reading
Crystals Human Body Religions

While some of the charts are relatively simple lists, others are broken into more detail, with others even providing affirmations toward clearing any blocks in that area.

A “Contents Scan Chart” is on the back page to allow easy access for muscle testing.

An example of part of one of the charts starts like this:

Spirituality Scan Chart


•  God / Buddha / Yahweh
•  Collective consciousness
•  Energy / Universe
•  Religion / Spirituality
•  Spirit / Spiritual being

Becoming More Spiritual

•  Accept change
•  Accept what is
•  Be an example
•  Be happy now
•  Be non-judgmental

Transcending Spirituality

•  Acknowledge your divinity
•  Act as if
•  Act as if you were all one
•  Be still and listen
•  Be Who You Really Are

The final scan chart is “What area To Work On” and is ideal as a way to put an area into circuit when you are not sure what area to work on. Topics include Structural, Nutritional, Emotional, Electrical, Mental and Spiritual areas. A process for reviewing and concluding a session is also included.

  • The “What Area To Look At Scan Chart” is ideal as a way to begin putting an area into circuit.
  • “The Scan Charts” manual costs $A35 (plus $3 p/h Australia).
  • Wholesale prices can be arranged for 10 or more copies.

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