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Vision Awareness Essence

designed by Barry Auchettl


The Vision Awareness Essence works in conjuction with a set of 64 cards to improve vision on all levels

The Vision Awareness Essence was obtained from the Blue Mountains in Australia on May, 2001. During the day, The Vision Awareness Cards were finalised, after two years of working with the statements, and were attuned to the essence for completion. Information came via my own intuition and through muscle testing Taking a card strengthens the vibration of the essence to whatever card was chosen.

For physical vision, seven drops are to be taken under the tongue, similar to any other essence. In general, for physical eyesight, the Vision Awareness Essence vibrates to: Focusing, Clarity and Reading

For spiritual vision, one drop is to be put on your finger and placed on your “third eye”. In general, for spiritual insight, the Vision awareness essence vibrates to: Seeing from the heart, Seeing angels and auras, and Belief systems (attitudes to seeing)

The next morning I knew the essence was still not finalised. I found a waterfall at the bottom of a track and collected some more water to finish the essence. The essence was finally completed at 12 noon the next day by combining the water collected from the falls into the essence I made the night before. This combination of this essence was to give it: Strength, Power and Beauty

Examples of the Vision Awareness Cards includes:

  • I see only miracles in my life
  • My awareness is incresing daily
  • I see others as a mirror of myself

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