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Individual Consultations

Life Vision mentoring  looks at all aspects of Vision using  Sabotage Clearing. intuition and unique Eye Power material 

Vision improvement is the natural method of improving your vision without the need for corrective lenses or expensive laser surgery. It includes effective and simple eye exercises and is capable to:

  • Improve eyesight & eye related problems
  • Decrease eye strain especially as a result of computers & TV
  • Decrease dependency on glasses and reduce the need for prescription lenses
  • Increase perception of colors
  • Release emotional blocks to vision
  • Clear unwanted belief patterns
  • Increase self-confidence and awareness


“Even after my first visit to Barry, my outlook on life changed. I became more confident, I felt freer, more positive. Very interesting people came into my life. I no longer wanted to hide from the world, and many of my fears disappeared. Probably, I could sum it all up as — I saw life from a new perspective.” Lindsay

Sabotage Clearing uses a muscle response on the arm to identify and balance areas of stress in the body’s energy field. It is a painless and non-invasive method that combines muscle testing techniques with healing energy.

It is able to:

  • Provide pain relief and renew energy levels
  • Balance food sensitivities
  • Improve flexibility & sports performance
  • Help clear addictions such as smoking
  • Clear emotional imbalances & sabotages
  • Improve brain integration
  • Release unwanted belief systems


“… (this) enabled me to identify the conscious and unconscious thought patterns and belief systems that I was holding within me. These have been preventing me from moving on in life and from being the best person I can be. I noticed positive changes in my attitude towards life’s situations almost immediately… Thanks again Barry.” Alison