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Welcome to Eye Power!

Within these pages, you will find information on how you can transform your life and your vision through individual consultations, group workshops and some unique products.

Eye Power is more than improving your physical eyesight by providing a real alternative to people’s health. It is about changing the way you see.

Out Now!

  • The release of a small e-book that can make a big difference to your eyes
  • Eye Power: Power your eyesight. Empower your vision.
  • Click here for more details
  • Eye Power was founded by Barry Auchettl and focuses on self-empowerment in terms of I (self) and Eye (sight). Eye Power offers unique workshops by exploring physical and inner vision which assists in improved eyesight and establishes a clearer and more balanced lifestyle. – More details
  • Individual consultations are specifically tailored by using muscle testing to determine priority for a person. More details
  • Group workshops cover all aspects of real vision from physical exercises to spiritual aspects of vision using an experiential approach to learning. More Details
  • Products that can only be purchased from Eye Power to support Vision on all levels. More Details
Barry Auchettl talking about Eye Power on the Angel Heart Radio Network


“The more clearly we begin to see ourselves,
the greater clarity we present to the world.”